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Oride is an on-demand vehicle ordering application with various services such as motorbike, car, delivery and car rental, in this latest update has added several new features such as food, shop, grocery, and med. customer make reservations through the mobile application and communicate with partner drivers or merchant through their application in realtime.
* Costumers APP (Android Source Code)
* Driver APP (Android Source Code)
* Merchant APP (Android Source Code)
* Admin Panel
* Documentation
* Fix minor bug
* Fix version checker Issue
* Add service in admin panel
* Add vehicle type in the admin panel
* Add promo code features in the admin panel
* Pay U Money payment gateway integration

You must create a New Project in Firebase by logging into Firebase Console and then entering using your Google account if you don't sign in,
then create a new Project and specify the name you like for the project, then:
1. click on Add Firebase to your Android app
2. copy the applicationId from your build.gradle and paste it as Android Package Name
1. Click on Register App > Next
2. click on Download google-services.json. it will download a .json file we will use it later
you can skip the remaining setup steps
next up copy the downloaded google-services.json and paste it in the path 'ouride\app\' to make sure that your app is linked with your Firebase Project

NOTE**: Register all applications, make sure you enter the customer, driver, and merchant app in the same firebase project

1. Click on Database > Realtime Database > Rules
2. change ".read": false and ".write": false to ".read": true and ".write": true
1. Click on Storage > Realtime Database > Rules
2. allow read, write;
next up you have to Enable Phone Authentication in Firebase Console by going to :
1. click on Authentication > Sign-In Methode > click on Phone
2. enable it and save
1. First of all find the adminpanel folder from the downloaded package and upload on live server.
2. Upload the admin panel file that has been zipped.

3. Then create a database.
4. Import the database from the database folder.

5. After creating database configure the config.php file, in directory folder aplication/config/config.php fill the base_url on line no 26.
6. Add your firebase database URL and Server URL
7. in Directory aplication/config/database.php fill database username, pasword and database name

 Latest Android Studio version is recommended, which can be downloaded from here:


    Open Android Studio > Open an Existing Android Studio Project > Select Your Project build.gradle file > ok  
     Select Project 

Browse to directory where you place "Ourideapp" project and click OK.

    Open Android Studio >app > res > values > strings.xml
    Enter your app name inside "app_name" string tag:
    							<string name="app_name">Ouride</string>


1. Select Project > Go to Constans > Constans
2. add your url http://yoururl.com in line 15

1. Select Project > Go to res > xml > network_security_config.xml
2. add your url without http:// or https:// like "yoururl.com" in line 4

1. Open Android Studio > app > res > all mipmap folder > ic_launcher.png
2. Rename your icon with ic_launcher.png and paste in mipmap folder
3. Replace all icons with particular size in particular folder

in an Android project there are 2 fingerprints for each application, debug and release.
Get the SHA1 Fingerprint then fill up SHA certificate fingerprints on firebase, you can follow the step below:
1. Run the signing report you will get a release and debug the SHA1 fingerprints

7. Add your SHA1 fingerprints debug and release on each application and copy to each firebase project

8. Download the google-service.json and copy it then paste to each aplication through android studio
9. Clean and rebuild project.
For costumer app and driver app :
Enter your firebase project then go to project settings copy the server key then paste it to constants, right on line 16.
for admin panel :
Open file directory aplication/config/config.php paste it right on line 29
Open file directory aplication/config/config.php paste Link firebase URL right on lie 28
Open file directory aplication/config/config.php paste purchasecode it right on line 31
You need to enable some googlemaps APIs, like :
  • Maps SDK for android
  • Places API
  • Direction API
  • Geolocation API
  • Distance matrix API
  • Geocoding API
Paste your googlemaps API key to Strings.xml file right on line 4
For Admin Panel :
  • Open file directory aplication/config/config.php paste your googlemaps api right on line 32
1.open Admin panel go to appsettings menu click tab stripe
2. enter your Secret key and published key to admin panel form input stripe
3. Click "Update"
1.open Admin panel go to appsettings menu click tab PayPal
2. enter your Secret key and PayPal currency
3. Click "Update"
you can see documentation here.

watch the video for more detail of installation

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